What to do in Florence

Unforgettable experiences in Florence

If you have already visited the main attractions of Florence and you are looking for adventures to make your stay unforgettable, do not miss these experiences made of art, culture, shopping and food, personally chosen by the staff of the Hotel del Corso.

del Cuoio

A Master Leather craftsmen will teach you how to work leather in a masterclass of half a day.

La Bottega

The art school "Bottega dell'Arcimboldo" was born with the intention of bringing back to life the magical atmosphere of Florence during the Renaissance.

Officina Laboratorio Ceramica

Discover the ancient art of working ceramics.

Tour Speciali

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Soulspace SPA

The SOULSPACE Spa is located on the ground floor of Palazzo Galletti, rebuilt in 1831 in neoclassical style, in the heart of ancient Florence, there history and culture intertwine in an elegant, sensorial space, rich in delicate scents, soft lights, slight musical notes.

Shopping in Florence

Among the locations we recommend for shopping we can definitely list Piazza della Repubblica, Via Roma and Via Calimala, Via degli Strozzi and Via Tornabuoni for luxury shopping. All in the heart of Florence a few steps away from the Hotel del Corso.

Lasciatevi cullare dal sapore italiano.

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